Getprice Buyer's Guides: How to choose the right computing gear for your needs

Everything you need to know to make the best choice when purchasing computers or computing components.

Finding The Perfect Laptop - Learn The Essential Facts

Are you ready to buy a new laptop? Expect to see hundreds of available models sporting all sorts of designs and boasting variations of hardware configurations. Choosing from the wide variety of models can be tricky, especially if you are hoping to replace your old laptop to a much better model.


Laptops for Graphics and Video Games

If you want to get your gaming groove, you have plenty of options to choose from these days.


The Best Value Laptops - Which One Should You Choose?

Laptops were ignored by the mainstream market when the early models surfaced because they were bulky and simply too expensive.


The Latest Tech Trends In Laptops For 2012

Different laptop manufacturers like to release new models every month. But in order to introduce something a bit more revolutionary, they need to wait for their partners to finalise different hardware components so they can integrate them to their new laptop designs.


Which Laptop Should I Buy? Follow Our Guide

Laptops still reign as the most popular portable gadgets alongside smartphones because you can do all sorts of stuff.


Head-To-Head PC Desktop Reviews - Which Is Best?

Due to the continuous technological advances in computing occurring at such a rapid pace, it can be hard to choose your next new computer.


How to Choose the Right Family Desktop Computer

There are a multitude of reasons why a family needs a desktop computer.


Powerful Desktop Computers - Dos and Don'ts When Buying A PC

Everyone always wants the best of the best. The biggest, the most powerful, and sometimes the most expensive isn’t always the best choice for you.


High Resolution, High Contrast Monitors for Gaming and Art

Many people buy powerful desktops and laptops because they want to play their favourite games on the smoothest frame rates.


How to Spot A Quality Monitor - Handy Hints

If you are looking for a quality monitor in this age of computing, you should actually have a less difficult time compared to before.


Printers: The Best of the Best for 2011

Are you looking for a new printer? Do all the different brand names and models available confuse you? Here is some information to help you decide which printer is best for you.


Tech Guide: Need to Know Printer Facts

Trouble-shooting printer problems can be a headache. Unfortunately, there are plenty of technical issues that can affect print quality and output, but if you aren’t sure where to start, the solution can be impossible to find.


The Best Quality Printers Under $200

When you are searching for a printer that fits within a $200 budget, finding a machine that provides you with both quality results and a price point that will make you happy can prove to be an incredibly difficult task.


Printers for Artists and Photographers

Being in the field of arts, there is enough stress for you to worry about other than deciding what the best kind of printer for yourself is, so how can you be sure just what the absolute best printer is that will provide you with reliable quality?


Bargain Laptop Accessories You Need

Laptops are nice computers to own because you can get straight to work no matter where you are and you won’t have to buy peripherals since the laptop already has a keyboard and track pad.


The Best Laptop Accessories - Essential Guide

When you buy a laptop, you might get a few laptop accessories free like a laptop bag or possibly a free mouse or flash drive.