Getprice buyer's guide: Books & DVDs

We give you a rundown on what to read and watch to take your entertainment to the next level.


Action Packed Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

There’s no doubt about it - the most popular genre in the global movie making industry is the action and adventure genre.


Oscar Winners: The Best Movies of All Time

Movie fans from all over the world tune in to watch the Academy Awards of Hollywood, which is also known as the Oscars.


The Best Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi DVDs You Must Own

Watching movies at home is one of the best bonding activities that families and friends can do without the risk of going down Queer Street.


The Best Special Effects in Movies: Our Favourite Films

In most cases, movies invite us to a fantasy world, one where giants and Lilliputian beings exist, one where witches and wizards have great power, and one where the impossible is possible.


Top DVDs for a Great Night In

Spending wads of money for entertainment is unnecessary when you have classic DVDs to watch on television at home.